Developer's Note: this is currently all planned functionality and features; some or most is not implemented yet.

About Legend of Grack: Pendant of Peranoir


In the time of great antiquity, when proper spelling had yet to be banned, there was a great wizard named Peranoir. Peranoir was waxing old in his years and knew that his great store of magic would one day run out, and all of his secrets would be lost.

So Peranoir found for himself two apprentices: Garret and Simon. Of these two, Garret proved the faithful one and did not seek his own gain in the use of magic. But alas, Simon was lost to him for seeking his fortune by trickery and coercion.

When Garret was mature in years, Peranoir told him that he had made him apprentice for one reason: to pass on his craft and die in peace, knowing that his secrets were safe in hands that would not misuse them. To this end, he gave Garret one final trial.

This trial was to follow the instructions on a map Peranoir provided, and lay claim to the treasure he had hidden deep underground. If Garret could return with the treasure, he would be proven and take his master's cloak and hat.

To protect his charge, the wizard gave him an amulet of protection, scalded with golden sun captured in the coldest ice. With these two and a traveling cloak, Garret set off across the sea to find this treasure and at last take his rightful place.

But Garret was never heard from again.


Legend of Grack is a fast paced Dungeon Hack where the player tries to acquire as much renown as they can before they perish in the underground. It is dark and dangerous, and they only brought a bag lunch. Given that you are underground, nobody but the internet will ever know of your fame, but at least you still have your self-esteem.

The world is a miniature sandbox, but a dangerous one where the roof may collapse or they may be eaten by the denizens of the outer dark. But before this, they must choose a path, which is to say, a class, and assume the identity of a frightened but determined child.


There are eight classes to pick from:


A knight wannabe. Can block and swing and throw like champ, and hold his ground when push comes to shove. Don't expect feats of agility. A stout little fellow with the heart of a lion.


A girl know-it-all. Not really cut out for any kind of atheletics, but what she doesn't know, she can figure out quickly. With some alchemy secrets in her old textbook and a guarded mind, what she lacks in strength she has in force of will.


A survivalist geek. A quick, tall fellow who is strong enough (mostly leverage, in truth), but no acrobat. Knows how to be a good boy scout - what you can eat and what you can drink and what burns good. He's also a crack shot with a BB Gun.


A free spirit. Naturally agile and subtle, this girl would be a femme fatale if she wasn't underage and would stop grinning all the time. Though to be honest, clobbering ne'er-do-wells on the back of the head with an old umbrella is pretty funny.


A walking refridgerator. A hand at all sports that involve throwing heavy things and wielding two-handed implements and most of all, knocking dudes down. Doesn't say much, lets the hockey stick do the talking.


A drama queen. Even for a guy! The turtleneck and the scarf don't help people take you seriously, kid - though the 'being able to cast actual magic spells', does. He is quick and smart, but wastes all the extra time at the mirror.


A coin-operated youth. While not an actual vending machine or mechanical marvel, he could sell anything to anyone. Additionally, he is a bit of a dabbler in all sorts of mechanisms and potions; we would wonder where he got his poison tolerance from, though...


Who would want to be an orphan? Good question. Also a good question not to ask the orphan. What she lacks in proper filial pieties she makes up for in berserking fury and two fisted vengeance. As agile as any rogue and strong as steel.


There are five difficulty modes. They are similar to Training, Easy, Normal, Hard and Iron man, but we don't call them that because that would be helpful.

I'm afraid of the dark!

Create a restore point anywhere. Use this to practice your feats of derring-do that you will inevitably fail. No scoring in this mode.

Let's do this!

Create a restore point whenever you successfully rest.

Do your worst.

Only one restore: At the Sanctuary on level 15. Stiff upper lip, chap.

I live preparing for death.

No restore points. All death is final.

My mind dwells in hell.

No saving. Quitting ends the game.

The World

Having been duped (whether willingly or otherwise) into falling into The Sinkhole in the Shade-obscured Heart of the Woods on the Old and Somewhat Dubious Map, the player finds him or herself alone in an unique underground maze with nothing but what they brought along.

The player's goal is to delve 30 levels into this world, and die gloriously or escape with their life, attaining great renown in the eyes of The People On The Internet in the process.

The world can be altered with tools, items can be acquired, crafted, used and consumed, enemies lurk who would enjoy eating kids (probably, could just be your imagination though) and secrets can be discovered in books and from the denizens who don't view you as dinner.

There are differing biomes in this subterranian world with different resources, denizens and obstacles. There is also a mysterious sanctuary that may be won from the hands of The Redoubtable Ix Az.

Moreover, there is a malevolence spoken of in hushed tones (but not whispers, since that's actually kind of loud), could it be the one who defeated Garret so long ago? It seems to have fashioned a trap for unwary adventurers. Let us see who shall prevail!

The Denizens

The denizens of the dark, who may or may wish you harm. Except for those that want to eat you. And there is the off chance someone wants to trade or be left alone. Good times.


Slime molds that have gotten uppity. You can put them in their place, but you will always worry about the vertebratism. They are generally just a nuisance.


Small cousin of the orc, goblins eat people and trade in all kinds of slaves. They are small and weak alone, but groups pose a real threat.


Big spiders are in these caves. They are poisonous and cunning and can see in the dark. Beware the gray ones.


Various enchanted objects exist within the dungeon, and some of them are ensorcelled to guard or attack. Be careful opening chests!


Some who once walked these halls have been brought back with a curse. They are relentless except where fire and bright light is concerned. Then they relent.

Floating eyes

Possessing mental powers, these ocular entities are not particularly hostile, though the more powerful ones are. Eat with caution!

Worms and Snakes

Slithering on the ground and in the ground, these are critters that would like nothing better than to swallow you whole. Tread lightly or be heard before you make a sound.


Grudging friends to humans, dwarfs will not be hostile unless one gives them a reason. They may be the best smiths in all the worlds, too.


Some former humans have been cursed with bodily transformation. They are stronger and faster than normal men, and may be looking for revenge.


Subtle and powerful, at least they are only convered with indestructable weapons when they are in the form of a giant, flying, fire breathing lizard.


Treasure-hunters, kobolds are greedy for gain. In the case that one doesn't wish to fight them, this knowledge might be useful to trick them.


Fiendish spirits of the elemental powers. They cannot be killed, perhaps, but they can be driven off with enough force.

Other Aberrations

Other unusual creatures inhabit the maze, nagas, teleporting cats, gorgons, and so forth.

Game Over!

When the player reaches 0 HP, whether from injury, starvation, dehydration, or some form of instant death, the game is over.

Additionally, if the player finds a way to escape the dungeon even outside of completing their quest, it is game over as well.

Thirdly, there may be places that are unsafe to go beyond any reckoning. Trying to enter them is also game over.

Finally, defeating the master of this dungeon ends the game too, but with glory! Huzzah.

When any of these happen, the player is shown their score and a breakdown of their glorious/inglorious/tedious deeds, as adjudged by The People On The Internet (Which in this case is me, the game's creator.)

You may also receive a title befitting your deeds.

When you're done congratulating/kicking yourself, you can register your score online by using your initials and signing it with a secret key. This way if anyone doubts your impractically obsessive handiwork, you can sign your score again to prove you earned it.

Lastly, you can share your Session's 64-bit seed to recreate the series of dungeons and challenges for others by converting it into a ridiculously silly and epic story.

If you don't want to share any of your work, you can turn the 64-bit seed into an impractical sentence like "Hear of what saw the Famed Traveler upon The Fifteenth Chamber of the Lesser Land of the Endarkened Eclipsed Sun's Travel in the Old Dynasty's First Waking at the Shifting of the Everliving Road" - your friend can drop this into the transmogrifier and retry the challenges you had.

On the other hand, if you do wish to share your work, you can retell your story into a 1024-bit barcode or epic. This will not preserve your whole save, of course, after all, who can tell a story perfectly? But it will give them a lot of what you have.


Legend of Grack is Psychonauts meets Final Fantasy in Minecraft. There is dark humor, puns, death, glory, puns, dragons, telegraphed Earthbound allusions, slapstick, and of course, dwarfs.