Demo Instructions

Instructions for this demonstration!

NOTICE: You may be prompted with a security warning. If so, the software in question is ThreeRings GetDown, used by Spiral Knights and Puzzle Pirates. It is used to get the Grack Demo, including LWJGL and Slick2d on your system. I sign and verify my code before uploading, so if anything changes to any part of the codebase, the verification should fail. This code is as safe as I built it, which is to say, with no malware. - GATO

To start, simply click 'new game' and select a character class.


Note: some controls may not work properly yet. So if you press a key and it does something unexpected or not at all, that's why.

Troubleshooting Advice: If you are getting a weird download, you can always clear the game's cached files in the LOGPOP directory. This directory will be located in your user directory, usually under app data. In Windows 7. the subdirectory is called LocalLow.